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Mon Jun 6 23:02:36 CDT 2005

> > I think by removing the last piece of "unique" out of modern Macs -- the
> > PPC CPU -- Apple has just announced they're in the PC business. Once VPC
> > gets to the point where Windows apps are no longer second class citizens
> > in the Mac world (like they are under VPC now), and run at or near full
> > speed, Macintosh will cease to be relevant because who would want to
> > write a Mac app when a Win app will do? This is the same thing that
> > killed OS/2.
> Apple did not say that it would use the PC architecture. Apple
> probably will embed something (PROM?) in the computer such that others
> can not make compatible new Macs.

Irrelevant. Even if the OS were limited to run on "X-Tels," it doesn't matter.
It's a hop, skip and a jump to allow Windows apps to run, unofficially with
WINE and officially with VPC, under the Mac OS. With an x86 CPU, there's now
no emulation penalty for doing so, and you can imagine Microsoft will
leverage that. Once people discover that writing a Windows app will do just
as well for *both* platforms, the need to write a Mac-specific one simply

Incidentally, one of the Apple developer documentation files states that
there is no more Open Firmware in these Intel Macs. Even Apple doesn't
always reinvent the wheel, so it may be nothing more than a locked-out
BIOS on a bog-standard mo'bo'. That's hardly strong insurance against
illegal installations off the ranch.

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