8' DSDD disk

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at gjcp.net
Wed Jun 8 07:42:26 CDT 2005

Eric Smith wrote:
> Ethan wrote:
>>I love the bit about trying to spin it at 30,000 RPM... long before it
>>hits that speed, relativistic effects will kick in.
> Nope.  30,000 RPM would result in the outer rim moving at 51,472 m/s,
> which is only 0.00017c, nowhere near relativistic.  But the floppy disk
> is likely to break up at a little over 200 RPM, unless is is being tested
> in an evacuated chamber.
> Eric

Are you sure you mean RPM?  Gas turbines can run at around 30,000rpm, as 
do turbochargers.  Most floppy drives run at 300 or 360rpm (cue another 
long long thread about DD vs. HD).  I haven't seen a floppy break up yet...


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