Apple Goes Intel...

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> > I'm sure IBM is not too happy, Apple's move
> > all but ensures the death of the PowerPC chip since they were its
> > biggest buyer.
> >
> > Curt
> >
>  I doubt that, they "where" it's biggest buyer but i'm sure the xbox 2
> will outsell all of Apples range. It also has 3 powerpc cpu's in it..
> The Playstation 3 has the cell chip which has power processors. IBM
> probably do not even care, the extra business Sony and Microsoft just
> gave them will keep PowerPC alive for a while yet.
> Dan
> >
> >

I think the fact that the chips that will be used on the console during
their run (what 3+ years of production) are exactly the same speed is a much
better deal for IBM then having to constantly do R&D to get the G5 running
faster every 6 months.

Somebody brought up the question why didn't Apple go with AMD. I don't think
AMD has the extra capacity to produce chips at the rate Apple would need
without driving prices up.

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