Apple Goes Intel...

Jim Leonard trixter at
Wed Jun 8 14:26:27 CDT 2005

9000 VAX wrote:
> What they need to do is to add some Apple ID in the PROM and check the
> ID when booting OS/X. Then nobody can make a PC that can run OS/X.

That is so trivial to hack it's not funny.  A better solution is what I wrote 
earlier, something like public-key encryption where each copy of the OS shipped 
was encrypted with a key stored in the PROM or something.  And even then it 
would take under a month to add layers to create decrypted versions of the OS.

My personal prediction is that we'll see copies of OS X that run on a normal PC 
in less than a year after introduction.  (Note I didn't say if those copies 
would be legal or not.)
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