Apple Goes Intel...

chris cb at
Wed Jun 8 14:53:20 CDT 2005

>I am glad for this announcement, only because I can finally talk about OS 
>X on 
>intel... as I saw it running over 7 years ago.  7-year NDAs suck :-)

Apple's early seeds of OS X had an Intel verison. Ran on standard PCs. I 
still have my copy kicking around here somewhere. I ran it for a short 
while. Of course, back then there was really nothing that ran on it. 
Classic didn't exist yet.

Apple's original roadmap for OS X included the "Yellow Box" which was 
supposed to be an Intel version with Intel based OS compatability. Think 
Classic but for Windows apps. It also never came about.

I suspect it may finally be heading that direction.


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