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Wed Jun 8 19:03:30 CDT 2005

>>>>Once people discover that writing a Windows app will do just
>>>>as well for *both* platforms, the need to write a Mac-specific one
>>>>simply evapourates.

>>>Why is this a bad thing?

>>Are you kidding?
>>Because it makes the Intel Mac another Windows PC, that's why.

>I really couldn't care less whether one crappy proprietary OS displaces
>another crappy proprietary OS.  Maybe one is a little better than the
>other, or maybe even a lot, but I'm not throwing away my money on either.

So what was the purpose of your reply, then, if you have no interest in
either Windows or Mac? In my case, the whole reason I went with Mac is
to keep Windows off my desktop and because I think Apple has superior
hardware engineering to a whitebox PC. With the possibility of desktop OS
heterogeneity eroding (save for the few souls, bless them, bravely using
Linux as their desktop OS), I don't think Apple can prop itself up as a
high end PC maker. Sony has tried this, and they aren't doing so hot.

But then, you don't really care, do you?

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