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Thu Jun 9 10:23:07 CDT 2005

Am 9 Jun 2005 8:07 meinte Vintage Computer Festival:
> On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> > > Just ask my Dual Athlon MP -- 4 years old, and my Apple friend begrudgingly
> > > admits that the hardware is *more* bulletproof than his.

> > > Oh, and don't ask him about *both* of his Dual G5's that he had to send
> > > back to Apple for a full refund as they were unstable as get-all.

> > n=1. For another n=1, try my folks, who have had no problems with the dual
> > 2.5GHz G5 they use for video work. Or for an n=2, my husband-and-wife friends
> > who have his'n'hers dual 1.8s.

> > > [ He still loves his iMac and iBook, tho. Personally, with the exception
> > > that Apple forgot 2 buttons for the pointing device, the laptop impressed
> > > me, too. They still don't have the battery life of my Crusoe based laptop,
> > > let alone my Model 200! ]

> > Macs use two button mice just fine, without any drivers. I'm using one
> > right now.

> > Also, your Crusoe laptop is apples to oranges without knowing the specs.

> > Your point is taken about the options for quiet/small form factor PCs, but
> > have you looked inside a mini? Or compared a mini with (spit) a Shuttle?
> > The mini *is* smaller, and IMHO does run cooler and quieter. My friends with
> > Shuttles either complain about heat instability, or put a case cooler in
> > them (defeating the purpose).

> Wow, a full-scale old-school BBS-style platform flame war is breaking out.
> Get the kids so they can see what it was like in the olden days :)

As if you where already online back then!

(just to add the personal level - no flame war realy errupts without)

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