Apple Goes Intel...

Doc Shipley doc at
Thu Jun 9 13:00:04 CDT 2005

Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> And I'm beginning to see the point of view of people who say that Macs
> are defined by their operating system, not (so much) by the hardware. If
> there were an Intel Mac running Windows, it would have superior industrial
> design and hardware, but it would still be running Windows and subject to
> all the crap. It wouldn't, as you say, Just Work.

   I can attest to the flip side of this.

   I've always been really impressed with Mac hardware and its 
performance relative to PC equivalents, but the Classic MacOS left me 
cold.  For a lot of reasons I simply didn't have the patience for it.

   Two months after somebody gave me an eval copy of OS X (v10.1), a G4 
became my "daily driver" desktop, even though the Linux sytem I'd been 
using was much faster overall.  Within a few more months, I had fixed 
that imbalance, too.

   I have a hard time buying the idea that Intel can trump POWER 
architecture, but I'm willing to wait & see, and I fervently hope 
Apple/Intel are working on something distinctly not your mama's PeeCee.

   The fact remains that if in 2 years, OS X is only available on a 
rebadged Dell, I'll be running it.


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