Data formats was Re: Rescue of data from Pioneer 10 & 11 tapesatJPL needed.Vintagecomputers slated for demolition.

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at
Fri Jun 10 12:33:38 CDT 2005

Paul Koning wrote:

> longer in current use, like Jovial or Algol or Bliss.  Then

In which sense is BLISS not in current use? I know most
_new_ stuff that OpenVMS Engineering do is now in C,
but there must be plenty of maintenance etc. happening 

I'm sure I still have an Algol compilr for OpenVMS
somewhere. While Algol has probably fallen out of
use, I expect that there are still plenty of people
who would crawl out of the woodwork to help!

I'll leave Jovial for someone else to defend :-)




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