MITS 8800B CPU Board Info

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>>I've got an old MITS 8800B CPU (Rev 0) board. It's in a pretty sad state 
>>missing some chips and most of the voltage regulation components. Although 
>>seen a few pics on the net of this board, none are clear enough to read 
>>If anyone has one of these boards can you pls tell me what chip D, F and K 
>>I think D is an 8216, and F is an 8224 clock chip, but would like 
>>A circuit diagram would be brilliant, if anyone has one.
> D: 8216
> F: 8224
> K: 8212

Jameco sells them:

> Rich Cini has a pile of Altair 8800B documentation on his site:
> Look under "Altair 8800 Emulation", then "Technical Links".
> You could also try Howard Hart's site:
> You may have to do a bit of digging, the 8800B CPU info may
> be buried in the 8800B system documentation.
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