VCF Midwest 1.0 Exhibitors needed!

Vintage Computer Festival vcf at
Sun Jun 12 14:43:27 CDT 2005

There's still more than 6 weeks to go until VCF Midwest 1.0.  That's
plenty of time to put together an exhibit for the event.  So far we only
have 3 exhibitors, and Pat is started to get nervous.  I told him that
people usually wait until a few weeks before to submit their exhibit
entries, and so in case you forgot, now is the time to submit your entry!

We've already got a couple great speakers lined up (still updating the
pages but you can see the first speaker's bio up now) and more to come.
It's going to be an excellent event.

So please run on over to your nearest web browser and fill in the
exhibitor form here:

Don't wait until it's too late!

Main VCF Midwest 1.0 website:


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