Tom Jennings on History channel

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at
Mon Jun 13 11:42:10 CDT 2005

>From: "James Fogg" <James at>
>> The show missed it though, since the MC Pacer was originally 
>> a possible candidate for a rotary engine that was replaced by 
>> a 6 cylinder for road.  If they had refitted the Pacer with a 
>> triced out 13B they would hav ehad a better show if they had\ 
>> been racing Pacer vs something with 300 hp.
>The original Ford Mustang (1964 1/2) was slated to have a rotary too.
>Some early marketing material and a coffee-table book or two mention the
>existance of a rotary model, but none are known to have been registered
>as far as I can tell.

 Rotry engines always had issues with smog. In order
to get them to work, they were not vary fuel efficient.
Still, a lot of Hp in a small package.

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