Data formats was Re: Rescue of data from Pioneer 10 & 11 tapes atJPL needed.Vintagecomputers slated for demolition.

Bjørn Vermo bv at
Sat Jun 11 04:10:53 CDT 2005

On 10 Jun, 2005, at 03:08, Fred Cisin wrote:

> I'm becoming convinced that the "unavailability of old computer" is 
> code
> for: "the guy who understands this stuff doesn't work here anymore,
> and we don't WANT to have responsibility for the old data."

For really odd computers, I can understand that there may be problems, 
but I would think that users in most cases got their data and 
applications ported to the next generation. Even if the tools used were 
not fully automatic, there is still a big area which would be nice to 
get mapped.

One case is of course trivial. IBM are still selling computers which 
run the software for the first S/360, and the S/360 had porting tools 
for lots of other old systems, including simulators and emulators.

HP-3000 also had a really long line of binary compatibility, but not as 
much in the way of porting tools.


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