Richard Smith richard.smith at
Sat Jun 11 09:19:16 CDT 2005

A trawl through my documents folder today reveals I have schematics and 
user manuals for:

Gemini 809 Floppy Disk Controller Card
MAP 80 Systems 256k RAM Card
Gemini 829 Floppy Disk / SASI Controller Card
Gemini 812 Video Board (2 sheets)
Gemini 832 Super Video Controller

I also have user manuals:

Gemini 813 Z80 CPU/RAM card
Shugart SA600 Fixed Disk Drive (3.3, 6.6 or 10Mb!!)
Xebec S1410 5.25 inch Winchester Disk Controller

If there's any interest I could scan some of these and post to the files 


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