PDP 11/23 PLUS system for sale

Julian Wolfe (FireflyST) fireflyst at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 14 10:33:56 CDT 2005

Hi everyone!


I’ve decided to part with my assortment of QBUS equipment and peripherals, in order to gain space and raise some money for a SCSI card for my 11/34A.


Here’s what I have:


PDP 11/23 PLUS CPU (in advertised style BA11-S series system unit, with 3 switch front panel and large PDP 11/23 PLUS logo)

Cards are: 


Dilog DQ130 magtape controller.

One 256KW MOS memory board (DEC, forgot the card name)

One 128KW MOS memory board (same – I forgot!)

Two DEQNA Ethernet controllers

RLV11 22-Bit RL-series disk controller board

RL02 cable to ONE RL02 (I never used more than 1 at a time, and I kept putting off getting a cable)


BA11-SE Expansion box

- two DZ11 serial multiplexors (probably worthless, LOL)


And, two RL02 disk drives, and two RL02K-DC disk packs.


Overland Data OD3201 nine track tape drive and ribbon cables.


QBUS-specific manuals:

Microcomputers and Memories 1982

PDP11-23 PLUS System Manual


I’ll sell the whole lot for $500, and if you come pick it up you can have the cabinet it’s in (H9644, missing a few pieces)


If you want parts and pieces:


RL02 disk drives are $175 each plus shipping, include 1 pack.

PDP11/23 PLUS CPU box with CPU card, memory, Ethernet controllers, multiplexors, and both manuals: $250 plus shipping

9 track tape drive with cables and DQ132 controller: $75 + S&H

RL02 controller: $50(with purchase of drive(s)) otherwise, I will not sell it until both RL02s are sold.

BA11-SE QBUS Expansion unit: $100 plus shipping


The machine is located 40 miles north of Chicago, IL at my apartment.


All this stuff is tested working.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.



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