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Tue Jun 14 16:17:28 CDT 2005

>>>> Am I facing a lynch mob here?

I'd just say that your contest seems geared for merely "old" computers in the
mainstream sense of "old", whereas our little mailing list here is 99% focused
on things that are truly vintage / antique by most modern standards.  What you
consider old, we consider new-fangled.  :)

--- Ronald Wayne <appleto at> wrote:

> The 150 points (most protocols) vs. 300 points (HTTP/gopher) is an
> artifact of the competition being designed for run-of-the-mill
> personal computer users.  The idea was that HTTP is difficult because
> some machines don't have web browsers available, while most people
> won't even know what gopher is.  Yes, I know that most of the people
> around here can fire up a telnet client and make HTTP requests and
> some of you used to use gopher daily, but you're special!
> There are no restrictions on software.  Of course most Linux
> distributions and software will require an 80386 or better (or a 68020
> plus MMU or better), so that doesn't earn you many points.  Same idea
> with getting the machine online: sure it is easy with a 68000 or
> better, but you simply aren't pushing the challenge to its full
> potential: try getting online with a lesser machine.
> Anyhow, my 1/2 hour of research leads me to believe that PDP/11 based
> machines deserve a multiplier of 2, while PDP/8 based machines deserve
> a multiplier of 3.  Am I facing a lynch mob here?

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