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Tue Jun 14 16:49:34 CDT 2005

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> RD Keys wrote:
> > In the July 2005 issue of Technology Review there's an article about the
> > over 16,000 formats of data that the NARA has to store and make available
> > forever.  They have two companies working on a way to store all this data
> > in their correct data format but be able to review it at anytime in the
> > future.
> What you fail to mention is the magnitude of the effort: $136,000,000
> is the budget Bush wants for this.
> My efforts to steer the efforts towards sanity were completely ignored.
> If you aren't a defense contractor with a marketing budget to woo
> politicians, you have no say in how this goes.
> I want to be optimistic about the process and results but I wasted
> too many years trying to make it work.
> Tim. (not in a good mood...)

Well, with the FBI basically dropping hundreds of millions into a system
that they ultimately scrapped, I don't expect this to go anywhere.  This
effort will also just serve the purpose of lining the pockets of a couple
big contractors whose sole purpose is to drain the US of its resources
until the dollar is trading at 1/10 the value of the Mexican Peso.

(Joining in Tim's cynicism...)


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