PDP-8s and -10s

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Wed Jun 15 07:55:56 CDT 2005

 >>DEC through the 'golden age' didn't go after that market. They tried 
 >>target scientific rather than corporate computing.
 >One of the oddities is that the 36bit machines the 10s/20s were well
 >known for their timesharing with huge nubers of users.

And they did put effort into front-end terminal concentrators on the 
models of those systems.

TOPS-10 had a significant influence on the user interfaces of some of 
smaller operating systems (RT-11 and RSTS for example), as well as CP/M.

Google for discussions on alt.sys.pdp10 for why this wasn't true for 
RSX and VMS.

I suspect that the driving force for tools (esp in TOPS-10) inside DEC 
came about
because much of the software development inside of DEC for other CPU 
families until
they converted to VAXen was done using cross-development tools on their 
timesharing systems (MACY11, etc.) and because 10's were THE machines 
to have in
universities (MIT, CMU, etc, etc) if you wanted something that had a 
lot of good
tools for a moderate amount of money.

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