PDP-8s and -10s

Bob Shannon bshannon at tiac.net
Wed Jun 15 12:46:20 CDT 2005

Speaking of the CDC and its PPU's...

Does anyone have software to use on the 6600 emulator?
Has anyone put one of these machines onto VLSI?

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>> You mean, analogous to CDC's PPUs?  One guess: that wasn't an option
>> on the PDP-6, and the 10 is the compatible successor to the 6.
> Yes, good example.
> I do not think adding some sort of -8 powered channel stuff to the KA
> would have disrupted things much at all - there just was not a huge number
> of PDP-6 installations to disrupt. Likewise, they could have included
> backwards compatibility.
> William Donzelli
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