Default password for Pick system on an AT?

Richard Beaudry richard.beaudry at
Wed Jun 15 15:05:51 CDT 2005

Hello all,

I recently acquired an IBM PC-AT 5170, and it is running Pick.  When
it boots up, there are some startup messages, then a banner:

PC-AT VER 2.1 of 26 Mar 87

Then, there is a "Logon" prompt.  I have no idea what the correct
login is, and I am not the original owner (nor is the person I got the
system from).

Is there some default login?  Google didn't seem to be of much
help....  I tried obvious things like "pick", "login", "user", etc
.... Even tried mixed-case, and all uppercase.... no joy :-(

Thanks for any help in advance....

Rich B.

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