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On Thu, 16 Jun 2005, Jules Richardson wrote:

> I brought one of these home from Bletchley last weekend - turns out
> they're quite addictive little things :-)  It's a Monromatic 8N-3-213
> which was marked as broken - I thought I'd see if there was anything
> obviously wrong inside, plus of course I was curious as to what the
> innards of such a machine looked like.
> Question - does anyone have service information for these machines
> (yeah, right!) or useful tips on things to check over?

There's a guy on eBay that sells reproduction service manuals of old
mechanical and electromechanical calculators.

He's also got a terrific website here:

One of the entries so far is the Monroe IQ-213:

Is this the same as your 8N-3-213 perhaps?


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