Default password for Pick system on an AT?

Jay West jwest at
Thu Jun 16 19:22:05 CDT 2005

Richard wrote...
> I did some more targetted Google-ing and found a PDF book on Pick
> BASIC, so I guess I'm on my way :-)
The real beauty of Pick BASIC (aside from all the statement amenities & 
variable autotyping & such)... is Dynamic Arrays & fileIO. Dynamic arrays 
are actually how the data is stored on disc, give or take some link fields.

> One concern is that I did NOT get any install disks or docs, and the
> hard drive this is on is an ancient one, making funny noises....
> Hopefully it'll last a little while....
FYI - Pick/AT uses a totally nonstandard disk format. However, at least it 
obeys FDISK rules and lives in a partition. A replacement drive would have 
to be identical, and your copy would have to be "bit level", nothing that 
tries to understand a "filesystem".


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