Liquidating my collection

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Fri Jun 17 16:21:32 CDT 2005

Ok gang, 
One more clarification: By "garage sale" I meant that you come to my house,
look at my stuff, buy what you want and haul it out to your home.... Sorry,
at this point I do not see myself shipping stuff left and right. While I
would rather have one big event with lots of people at once, I am available
most of the time and can arrange for anyone to come check out what I have at
almost any time. There are a lot of peripherals for the machines listed as
well as software, docs, magazines and books that would take the whole summer
to inventory.
Thank you for understanding.

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Ok People,
I'm cleaning up the barn.
All the computers have to go. I have over 150 machines sitting there and I
need to get rid of them. I do not really have time to make a full list but
most are shown or listed on my web site.
I have a fair amount of duplicates too.
I have boxes upon boxes of docs, accessories and peripherals to go with
them. I do not want to list them on ebay as that would require a lot of
preparations and shipping would be a major pain. I've got better plan for my
What I would like to do is have a big garage sale. 
I'm located in the southern subburbs of the Twin Cities (Minnesota). If any
of you is interested please respond to my email: fauradon (at) fronttiernet
(dot) net
Note: I a only getting rid of the machines that appear under these titles:
Computers, Portables, Laptops and  Cartridge based computers on my website.
I will keep the PDA, Pocket Computers, Video Games, Calcultors Robots etc...
I will actually take any in trade as well.
I can arrange for any convenient weekend.
As a longtime member of this group (1997) I understand the hobby and am
ready to make reasonable deals with any of you.
Looking forward to hearing from any of you.
Thank you

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