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On Jun 17 2005, 10:56, Dwight K. Elvey wrote:
> >From: "Pete Turnbull" <pete at>
> >On Jun 17 2005,  7:47, Cini, Richard wrote:

> >> 	As I work on the IMSAI, which has no filter either, I will swap
> >it
> >> around, too.
> >
> >Don't do that.  If it's designed to blow in, changing the direction
> >blowing out will alter and probably reduce the cooling.

> Hi Pete
>  You have to remember, these machines were designed
> by electrical engineers, not an air flow expert. Yes,
> the original used in blowing air.

Very common (both the EEs and the inblowing air :-))  Nor am I claiming
to be a great airflow expert.

What I was saying, though, doesn't really depend on whether it was
designed by somebody who had a clue about airflow or not; it was likely
checked by someone who determined that it worked "well enough" under
some set of conditions.  Changing something like the direction of
airflow *without consideration of the consequences* is a bad thing.
 I'm not suggesting the airflow couldn't be improved one way or

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