PDP11/23+ goes on

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at hachti.de
Sat Jun 18 15:21:29 CDT 2005


thank you all for the tips around my harddrive desaster. Next time I 
will be wiser.
I have cleaned my removable disk's heads. Used isopropanol and a match.
Tried the crashed disk pack, crashed again immediately. Had to clean one 
head again. Took another pack. No crash, no error display etc. Hope that 
it stays ok.

Now I did:
> $dm4
.. And dm0,1,2,3 work same way....

Computer says:
> 000034
> @

I would be glad if that is a message read from the disk partitions (like 
the bootsector message on non-system disks in my pc).

When I boot dm5 (the Emulex controller configuration emulates 6 RK06 
drives, don't know which one is the removable pack) the disk does 
something (little seek operations), endlessly.
Busy light on the controller nearly always on and the disk seeks around 
one position. Endlessly. No error indication. When I stop the CPU, 
controller and disk activity also stop. When I let the CPU resume it 
goes on and on and on. What's that? A strange program? I have waited for 
nearly 10 minutes without any visible reaction. Seems to be reproducable.

What is the "modern way" to get software into the PDP11?
Is there anything like a RIM or BIN loader?
Has anybody a convenient solution - or do I have to start from scratch 
writing my own tools?

Best regards,

Philipp :-)

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