Replace roller rubber on HP 9825 tape drive

Vassilis Prevelakis vp at
Sat Jun 18 17:19:05 CDT 2005

"Joe R." <rigdonj at> wrote:
> >I re-assembled everything and tested it.  It had trouble at first: the
> >drive would start up but then I'd get error 43 (unexpected BOT or EOT or
> >tape error). 
>  Check your tape! I'll bet that you'll find a spot where the media has
> come of the plastic tape and now leaves a clear spot. The EOT sensor sees
> the clear spot and thinks that it's the EOT hole.  

I bet this is what happened. In the following picture you can see the 
transparent spot that Joe referred to.

In this case I do not think there is any point reassembling the tape,
you are not going to read it with the 9825 tape drive.


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