PDP11/23+ frustration

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Sat Jun 18 17:43:20 CDT 2005

At 02:04 PM 6/18/05 -0700, Al wrote:
>I disagree on the alignment requirement. It's needed only for pack
>interchangability. It's 2005, not 1975, and that probably no
>longer matters. Use a tape, or ftp :-)
>What you actually want to do is align it to work with the OTHER packs
>that came with the system!
>I learned this the hard way a LONG time (20+ years) ago when I discovered
>that none of the packs we had worked any more after I did a head alignment.

  I learned the same leason the hard way. I was once called into a site
that was having drive problems. I found both of their drives out of
alignement so I realigned them. THEN we found out that they couldn't read
any of their previously written disks. OOPS! I spent 1/2 day "un-aligning"
one drive so that it could read the old disks. We then read all the old
disks and copied everything to disks that had been reformatted on the newly
aligned drive. After verifing that everything was safely copied, I then
aligned the 2nd drive and made sure that all the disk could be read in
either drive.


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