Replace roller rubber on HP 9825 tape drive

Joe R. rigdonj at
Sat Jun 18 17:50:16 CDT 2005

At 06:19 PM 6/18/05 -0400, vp wrote:
>"Joe R." <rigdonj at> wrote:
>> >I re-assembled everything and tested it.  It had trouble at first: the
>> >drive would start up but then I'd get error 43 (unexpected BOT or EOT or
>> >tape error). 
>>  Check your tape! I'll bet that you'll find a spot where the media has
>> come of the plastic tape and now leaves a clear spot. The EOT sensor sees
>> the clear spot and thinks that it's the EOT hole.  
>I bet this is what happened. In the following picture you can see the 
>transparent spot that Joe referred to.
>In this case I do not think there is any point reassembling the tape,
>you are not going to read it with the 9825 tape drive.

   You can probably read the files located before the blank spot but not
those after it. OTOH I've thought about trying to "black out" the clear
spot with magic marker or some other material. If you can make it dark
enough that the EOT sensor doesn't trigger then you cmay be able to read
the files after the spot but the file where the spot is WILL be corrupted
since the media and data there is missing.


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