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Gary Sparkes mokuba at
Sun Jun 19 15:16:31 CDT 2005

If it's really that big of a deal for licensed software, I have
About fifty Win95 license & cd kits sitting in a box... :)
How about a W3.11 license? Only got about 100 of them :/

On 6/19/05 2:43 PM, "Tony Duell" <ard at> wrote:

>> I do, though, think it a bit excessive of Tony to, in effect, criticize
>> (or at least criticise :) others for not sharing his feelings here.
> Well....
> I am not, and never will be (I hope) a 'yes man'. I see no reason to
> necessarily agree with anybody (eqyally, of course, I see no reason for
> people to agree with me). I prefer to get the facts (and maybe opinions
> of others) and to work out what I should do. Yes, I may well do the wrong
> thing, in fact I often do the wrong thing. But at least I try to have a
> reason for doing it.
> This is claimed to be a discussion list IIRC. A discussion necessarily
> has people with differeing viewpoints, it would be darn boring if not.
> Equally, this list would be boring if everybody agreed with each other IMHO.
> The fact that I criticise somebody (and I think that's a pretty strong
> word for simply disagreeing with them) does not mean I think they're an
> idiot. Or that they're necessarily wrong. It just means that I would do
> something differently. My aim in posting such messages is to give an
> alternative point of view. I don't expect to change everybody to my way
> of thinking. In fact I don't expect to change anybody. I just feel I have
> something that _may_ be worth considering.
> Somebody else commented that I wouldn't spend $100 on a PC that he thinks
> I need. Well, firstly of course, the total cost is a lot more than $100.
> I've explained that before. And seconding _I_ don't think I need a PC. If
> I think I need something, I find a way to buy it. Like the Myford lathe.
> Or an other example, I don't have a digital camera, I don't see that I
> need one. But I've bought a lot of film-based photographic equipment that
> I consider to be more use to me than a digital thing. My choice, OK....
> Now I presume the reason said person thinks I need a PC is to read
> manuals as pdf files. I don't need a machine to do that. I have many of
> the manauls I need as originals on paper. If I don't have them and
> they're only available on pdfs, then I find a way to get them in a form I
> can read. Maybe by using a machine in an internet cafe (an analogous
> argument is that because I don't drive or own a car (true statements), I
> can't, say, go to a place 100 miles away Of course I can, I can use
> public transport).
> What I have never done (I hope), at least not recently, is flame the
> people who contribute to, or run, the pdf document archives on the web.
> Becuase that's certainly not my intention. I regard them as a very useful
> resource, even if _I_ can't make use of them easily.
> -tony

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