booting and 11/44 via tu58 sim?

Brad Parker brad at
Sun Jun 19 16:05:14 CDT 2005


On a whim (hey, it's father's day :-) I decided to try and boot my
dormant 11/44 from the TU58 using the tu58 simulator.

Has anyone done this?

I'm being totally lazy and didn't look at the M7090 schematics (yet) and
assumed the TU58 20pin header is the same as the console 20pin header.
I also assumed it's RS-232 and not TTL.  Further, I assumed it was
running at 38400 baud.

Naturally it didn't work right off the bat...  :-)

I know my serial port and tu58 simulator are working since they boot my
11/730 just fine.

I'll look at the schematics but I thought I'd ask for any sage advice.

(luckily my spare UBI board had a DD boot rom on it)


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