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Sun Jun 19 17:43:52 CDT 2005

From: "Richard A. Cini" <rcini at>
Sent: Saturday, June 18, 2005 7:41 PM

> Interestingly, the Altair in question had two large caps in parallel
> floating around in the case, tied to a card bracket with a twist-tie.
> One of the previous owners must have replaced the original single
> 90,000uF cap with two.
> $30 later from Mouser, I bought a single Sprague 100,000uF/40v cap to
> replace the two and bolted it into the existing 3" bracket.
> Original? No, but neither was the earlier repair. At least it fits in
> the mounting bracket and exceeds the original specs.

When I posted a message talking specifically about your altair I knew where
to find the "right" caps, it is too easy to fix it right.

If you have to replace a part such as a transformer with one with different
mounting hole to keep it working then do it please keep it working.

If it is too expensive to run with a linear power supply and if going to a
different power supply means it will be used then please save the parts you
have to remove.

I hate it when people cut holes for cables when with a little effort they
don't need to please don't.

There are many people with many goals that can all be considered correct by

People that want it running right (even it it means replacing some pieces to
newer technology).

People that are interested in 100% original even if it doesn't work.


Please just avaoid the in the dumpster rule.


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