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Paul Koning pkoning at
Mon Jun 20 11:55:47 CDT 2005

>>>>> "William" == William Donzelli <aw288 at> writes:

 >> Given that a fair number of CC contributors are European, this is
 >> slightly surprising.  Not that Philips ever was a particularly
 >> impressive computer maker, but they did have some interesting
 >> machines.

 William> Yes, but Phillips was never even a dream close to being part
 William> of the BUNCH or IBM.

 William> "Interesting" does not always mean "historically
 William> significant", as well. There are many "firsts" in the field
 William> of computering that did not amount to a hill of beans -
 William> often the "seconds" are the ones that matter. History tends
 William> to be defined by the common stuff, basically.

True.  But other computer makers of even lower stature have shown up
on the CC list, and in bitsavers.  Apart from the big ones, it seems
to be just a random process that determines which machines appear and
which ones do not.  For example, I can't think of any other reason why
Varian would show up in Al's archive and Philips would not...


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