booting and 11/44 via tu58 sim?

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Mon Jun 20 15:25:15 CDT 2005

On Sun, 19 Jun 2005, Brad Parker wrote:

> On a whim (hey, it's father's day :-) I decided to try and boot my
> dormant 11/44 from the TU58 using the tu58 simulator.
> Has anyone done this?

I booted my 11/23+ from the simulated TU58 before.  Slow, but it works.

> I'm being totally lazy and didn't look at the M7090 schematics (yet) and
> assumed the TU58 20pin header is the same as the console 20pin header.
> I also assumed it's RS-232 and not TTL.  Further, I assumed it was
> running at 38400 baud.

You assumed wrong, mostly.  Try 9600 or 19200.  I was able to configure
the TU58 simulator to work at 19.2Kbps with my particular setup, which was
very helpful for transferring a lot of data (80 disks worth).

> I know my serial port and tu58 simulator are working since they boot my
> 11/730 just fine.

It's the baud rate then.  Also, make sure you have the serial connections
correct.  I just used two wires: one for TX and one for RX.  No other
control signals are required, and it works just fine.  I used shielded


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