DEC M8350 - KA8E posibus interface

vrs vrs at
Mon Jun 20 18:46:49 CDT 2005

> Forgot to answer this - MSC-8 hex MOS memory cards are handy - if they
> are 1/2 populated with 4Kbit chips, they are 16KW, fully populated
> with 4Kbit chips they are 32KW.  If you happen to find the same card
> with 16Kbit (4116) chips, that's a whopping 128KW.  You'll need a KT8A
> to address it, another late model card of limited use - RTS/8 used it,
> and I am pretty sure there was a RAM disk driver for OS/8 to use the
> upper 96KW as storage.

Those have been selling on eBay recently.

> As Al said, the RL8A is handy, as are RX8Es.  Beyond that, most quad
> OMNIBUS card sets are handy and useful, especially the RK8E.

In addition, I'd list the RX8E, since the drives are so common, and are
relatively trouble free.


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