Still available in UK: 2 sets of BA23 skins

listmailgoeshere at listmailgoeshere at
Tue Jun 21 09:26:57 CDT 2005

Hi list,

I didn't succeed in getting rid of these last time, so I'm posting them again:

I have 2 sets of BA23 skins available. One is totally complete, the
other one is missing (IIRC) the velcro-on rear cover which hides all
the cables, and there is a chunk missing out of the base foot. I think
one (IIRC, the good one) still has its little transparent plastic
envelope stuck to it holding the DEC maintenance card.

If you want either/both, please make an offer by private mail. Offers
can be from "free" upwards :) Priority will be given to anyone who
will come and pick them up (West Yorkshire), but I will ship anywhere
as long as you're prepared to a) pay all costs, and b) wait for the
amount of time it'll take me to track down boxes big enough for them.


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