Can anyone id these DEC PDP-8(?) cards? Also pictures on my PDP-8 cards

Joe R. rigdonj at
Tue Jun 21 16:15:01 CDT 2005

  Here is a collection of cards that I found in various DEC PDP-8 chassis
last week. Can anyone id them?

  <>  Marked CESI
and LPC8. I'm guessing that it's a line printer interface for the PDP-8. It
has a 40 pin ribbon cable header on it.

 <>  Made
by Emulex and marked TU1110406 2A.  Looks like some kind of tape controller
to me. It has two 40 pin ribbon cable headers on it. The LH one is marked
To TC01 or TC11 and the RH one is marked To Tape Deck. The rotary knobs on
the lower RH edge select speeds of OFF, 125 ipc, 75 ips, 45 ips or 37.5/25

  This one
<> has a
symbol that looks like the National Semiconductor symbol but it has three
lightning bolts instead of two. It also has the number 3021 6002 on it. The
cables have been cut off so I have no idea what was on the other end of them.

  The only marking on this one
<> is the number

   This card
<> was made
by XEBEC and has the number 01-100968 on it. It has two 50 pin ribbon cable
headers on it.

  This card <> was
made by Computer Idenitics Corp and says that it's an OTR-120 interface.
(Optical Tape Reader?)

   The rest of the photo in the same directory are DEC cards for my PDP-8
with the exception of the Plessey RK-05 disk drive controller set (3 cards).

   BTW Thom is cleaning up and found 198 various disk cartridges yesterday.
Many of them contain software, diagnostics and/or Operating Systems.  If
anyone needs any cartridges he's looking to sell all of them so give him a
call. And yes, he does have some alignment packs, CE packs, etc but he'll
want real money for them!


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