How to transfer data FAST?

Paul Koning pkoning at
Wed Jun 22 13:45:06 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Al" == Al Kossow <aek at> writes:

 >> Ethernet is another good way; DECnet is available on Linux.

 Al> That assumes a fair amount of software working on the 11 side.


 Al> Has anyone written something dumb that could squirt a block-level
 Al> mass storage image (dealing with bad blocks..) through a DELUA or
 Al> DELQA to a destination at the raw packet level?

The obvious way to do that would be tftp.

I don't know enough Unix to know if 2.x BSD can boot into some sort of
standalone diskless mode and do tftp.  Even if not, a standalone bit
of code that reads raw disk blocks at one end and does tftp writes at
the other wouldn't be a large effort.  You could probably find C code
for it; feed it to gcc and make it into a standalone image... :-)


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