FORTRAN books (was: Classiccmp cartoon sighting

Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Jun 22 17:22:02 CDT 2005

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, SP wrote:
> Are these available there ? They are unavailable here in Spain from years
> ago. And I remember to learn Cobol with one McCracken manual.

The Spanish translations of McCracken show up occasionally at the flea
markets, but not very often.  The cover looks the same, other than the
difference in title. My colleague with the FORTRAN book won't be back
until December.  I'll ask her if she is willing to part with it, but since
she has kept all of her old APL and RPG books, I doubt it.

A quick search on turned up a bunch of German books, one
Italian, one Romanian!, and only one Spanish one (kinda expensive!):

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