Another load from Thom!

Joe R. rigdonj at
Sat Jun 25 11:04:59 CDT 2005

  I visted Thom again yesterday and here's some of what I got.
<>   That's two boxs
of DECMate and Rainbow docs, a big pile of loose VAX docs, two DSD-440
drives and about five boxs of cards (mostly PDP-8). In other words, another
car full!

   <>  Yes, that's
another box full of Cab kits in the middle! The cards in the boxs in the
near box are NIB prototyping cards! :-)

   I brought home a car full last Monday but I already unloaded most of it
but here's a teaser showing some of it.
<>.  These are
all PDP-8 cards.

   Happy Collecting!


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