IBM Powerstation Progress!

Jeff Davis jdaviscl2 at
Mon Jun 27 01:42:01 CDT 2005

Thanks for all the suggestions about the IBM Powerstations and AIX.  I 
dragged my new collection out this weekend and was able to hack the 
boxes open and get the serial consoles working!.

Luckily one of them (a 7011-250, forgot I had that one) had the lock 
left in Service - with that I was able to verify a working serial 
connection.  Things progressed quickly after that.  Using a screwdriver 
I pried the lid open on one of the locked (Normal key setting) 
Powerstation 7012-370's, was able to get the lid off and disassemble the 
lock and turn the switch to Service with a screwdriver.  All with no 
permanent damage to the case or lock!

I then could boot off an external plextor cdrom with the diagnostics 
disk, and verify things work.  Btw, I was able to copy the IBM 
diagnostics disk with Nero; will try next to see if I can make a 
standard ISO image of the diagnostic cdrom using my freebsd box.

So far I have one 250 with 48MB ram, a 370 with 64MB ram (one 8 x 8MB 
board), and a 360 with 128MB (two 8 x 8MB boards). They have some random 
2GB scsi disks in them, and have ethernet interfaces for talking to the 

Next step is to get AIX 4.3.3 install cdroms and reinstall everything.  
Oh, and find out what's in the other three 7012-370 boxes I have.  With 
those I'll document (with photos) the "Breaking and Entering Into, and 
Hotwiring, a 7012-300 Series Box" saga.


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