Straight-8 on eBay

Paul Koning pkoning at
Mon Jun 27 09:00:46 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Jules" == Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at> writes:

 Jules> On Sun, 2005-06-26 at 21:17 -0700, vrs wrote:
 >> Anyone want to ship this thing across the USA for me :-)?  Looks
 >> like a beauty!

 Jules> :-)

 Jules> Out of interest, what drives are those? Our 8 has a pair of
 Jules> Dectape 55's, which have bronze-coloured faceplates rather
 Jules> than the black of the Ebay system. Is Dectape 55 a different
 Jules> animal to TU55?

Curious.  The black ones are the ones I know, with black "spider"
hubs.  Then again, the PDP-6 photo on shows shiny metal hubs
and a faceplate that doesn't seem to be black.  So yours may be an
older version.


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