How to transfer data FAST?

Doc Shipley doc at
Mon Jun 27 18:54:50 CDT 2005

Johnny Billquist wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 Doc Shipley <doc at> wrote:

  2 RQDX1 adapters, and they are incredibly temperamental.  I
>>haven't gotten either one to work with a CD-ROM.  They want DEC drives,
>>although I've gotten non-DEC 4GB Seagates to work, and a TZ30.  A TLZ06
>>or a TLZ07 will load RT-11 or BSD, but not RSX or the RSTS/E images that
>>are available on the 'net.
> Since when is a RQDX1 a SCSI adapter? :-)
> I guess you actually mean the RQZX1.

   Oy.  Yes, thank you, I should not post pre-coffee.  Although I've 
never gotten a CD-ROM to work on an RQDX1, either.  ;)

> I haven't tried that one. I have CMD adapters myself, and they really are
> excellent.

   As soon as I'm rich, I'll be trying a couple myself.


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