Programming 2708's

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On Jun 28 2005,  1:48, lee davison wrote:
> > Sure you're not looking at the specs for a 2716?  Tony's
> > information is correct for a 3-rail 2708 according to my
> > Intel, Motorola, Texas data books.
> Yup, I'm reading from the Softy notes. I do have a datasheet
> for a 2708 but that only says "it is customary to begin with
> the '0' address" and that there are two programming voltages,
> +12v on the PE pin and +25v pulse on the program pin. With
> that part, identified only as N2708 on the sheet, the pulse
> is 1.0ms minimum and the total time per location is a minimum
> of 100ms.

The standard programming voltage is 26V for 2708s and 3-rail 2716s
(like the Texas ones).  It's 25V for single-rail 2716s.

N2708 is a Signetics part.  Somewhat later than the Intel and others.

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