RML380Z ROM images

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 28 08:53:25 CDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 23:16 +0100, Tony Duell wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > Does anyone happen to have ROM dumps of from the RML 380Z CPU board? 
> I cna;'t help you, alas. IIRC, some RMLs used the TI 3-rail 2716s that 
> most programmers can't handle. I assume you've checked for this...

Aha no I hadn't - and you were spot on! :)  I didn't realise that TI's
2716 was a three rail device and their 2516 was equivalent to everyone
else's 2716. You learn something new every day and all that :-)

The CPU board ROMs in both this 380Z and my own one are TMS2716's as it
happens (yet the 80 col board character ROM in the one machine uses a

I wonder if I can modify my programmer to at least read three-rail
devices (it'd be handy to be able to read 2708's on it anyway). Maybe
via a little carrier that supplied the other two rails to the chip. I'll
have to grab the relevant datasheets...



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