Does anyone have a Radio Shack Electronics Learning Lab?

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Wed Jun 29 01:06:34 CDT 2005

On 6/29/05, Parker, Kevin <KParker at> wrote:
> Is this what you are looking for
> I picked up an ELL (RS 28-280) at the outlet store.  It was cheap
> because all of the loose parts were missing.  I have the base and the
> books.  The PDF file on the RS web site doesn't list things in enough
> detail to be able to build a list of missing parts.

No... that's what I already have, and as you can see, it does not tell
you that you need, say, 8 1K resistors, but only 2 1M resistors, etc. 
I know how long the wires need to be (by color), but not quantity.  I
can't tell what Power MOSFET they are using, etc.  It's also not even
close to a complete list - some ICs are listed, but not all, and there
are no quantities (I know it uses 2 555s, for example).

I wish they had included a parts list in the manual, but they did not.
 This is why I asked if anyone had one.



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