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I'm just the messenger.  See below.

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I have a Molecular.  It's large on the scale of a Microvax or VAX 11/725.

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>Subject: Old CPM computers FREE to good home
>Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 18:10:36 -0400
>I have two computers that need a home
>An ALTOS 8000-12A  rack mount, ( 6 Rack Units high), small business computer
>and a MOLECULAR Multi-User, small file cabinet size, medium business computer
>(Molecular has a huge 20 meg harddrive)(S-100 bus)
>Both run modified versions of CPM  (multi-user with common Z-80 processor
>for harddrive, floppies, and printer and a dedicated Z-80 for each user
>terminal)  User terminals connect with RS-232
>Lots of software on 8" floppies and data tapes
>A wide carriage DATASOUTH tractor feed 9 pin printer
>Two Televideo RS-232 CRT Terminals for above
>Many books and manuals  - Multiplan, DBII, compilers, WordStar etc
>All were working when shut down ten years ago - now in garage
>Whole shebang with books etc probably weights 300 lbs.
>I used these machines until forced to start doing my work in WordPerfect
>(and now Word) - how many word processors does the world need anyway - I
>hat4e Word
>Do you want them?
>Any idea how to get them to you?
>I live in Edgewater near Annapolis MD
>410 798-1936


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