Goodies... offered here before E-Bay

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What PSU bits for the 11/34 do you have?

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Before I e-bay the following items, I'm posting a list here in case
anyone's interested in making a reasonable offer or trade.   Items
are located in western Baltimore County, Maryland.

*** Local pick-up only, unless someone makes it very worth my while ***
*** to ship these items.                                            ***

- Tektronix 4014 terminal.  I may have some additional
  goodies, such as manuals and tapes, but for a different terminal.  
  Shipping this isn't trivial or inexpensive... it cost me well over
  to have this shipped here years ago.

- Over 100 Sun VME-bus boards

- Dual expansion chasis with power supply for a Q-bus PDP-11 or VAX

- *Possibly* a spare RL02 drive

- CRT from an old DuMont oscilloscope

- Large drawer for a 19" rack mount chasis... may need some additional
  hardware, but I may have it all, will look.

- Parts of a PDP-11/34A (front panel, boards, power-supply bits) 

- Umax flat-bed SCSI scanner... doesn't work, but should be good for

- 17" older HP monitor... very heavy.  


Tektronix 4014 terminal: Appears to need an HV PSU repair.  Caveat: I
began disassembling this several years ago for cleaning and lost some
screws that attach the power supply to the chassis.  Also, I misplaced
my notes about what wires connect where.

Although that enormous power supply heat sink is looking very tempting
for an audio amplifier project, I'll try to avoid the temptation in the
interest of preservation.

Sun VME-bus boards: these include several possibly rare boards such as
fiber-optic network boards, cable modems, color printer board, etc.
Finally, all of these boards are accessible and I've cleaned them up, so
AFAIK, there are no spiders, etc. hiding on them.  It's my preference to

have someone collect them all at once so that I don't have to ship one
here and there, etc.  Of course, make it very worth my while and I'll
consider doing that. :-)

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