Vax 6320 on Ebay

Scott Stevens chenmel at
Wed Jun 29 18:13:02 CDT 2005

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 10:04:57 -0500
"Wolfe, Julian " <ISC277 at CLCILLINOIS.EDU> wrote:

> This, my friends, is truly, truly hilarious and awesome...
> "Digital VAX 6320 PC, approx 5.5 ft high 4 foot deep and 3 foot wide,
> needs 3 phase mains to operate.""
> A PC that runs on 3 phase...nothing personal about that, LOL!

Naw, that could be HIGHLY personal, and an entirely self-contained
system.  I could, for instance, take it up a mountain to a tarpaper
shack, and power it with my old Homelite generator, which has three
phase output on it.  All I'd need is the occasional (uh, frequent,
actually) jerry can full of gas to keep it going.

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