Old PS/2 Hard Drives

Scott Stevens chenmel at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 29 18:19:00 CDT 2005

This past weekend I picked up an old PS/2 machine.  It's a Microchannel
system, a Model 65sx (I think).  The only thing missing in it is the
hard drive.  It has one of those 3-1/2" drives with the full-length
card-edge connectors on it, I think 50 pins wide or so, that provides
all connections including power.

I would like to get it  up and running just to have around as another
working system (also got a Compaq Portable III at the same auction for
$10 in a leather case!).  Any suggestions where I could find such a
drive easily?  Is this machine's HD interface an ST-506 variant, EISA,
or what?


(also got six complete, loaded Ultra 5 boxes at the sale.  Exciting

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