Want IBM 400-series account machine

Marvin Johnston marvin at rain.org
Tue Mar 1 12:30:51 CST 2005

One book that has quite a bit of interesting information on these
machines is "Punched Card Data processing" by Gustave Rath. I lucked out
at the last TRW swap meet and found this along with "Industrial
Calculating Devices" by Wilcox, Butler. The first book is available on
ABE for about $9.00 or so, but the other book is a little more pricey at
around $40.00.

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> I'm reading some literature on IBM accounting machines and finding them
> incredibly sexy.  It would be a blast to actually program one and run
> calculations through it.
> So I'd love to someday get my hands on a 402, 407, etc.

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